5 Signs You Are a Controlling Wife

My husband and I were having a mild discussion about a project that needed to be done outside. That discussion quickly turned into a not-so-mild argument. Eyes began to roll and tones turned cold. “Just go finish the deck. We can talk about this later!” I snapped at my husband as I turned away to get our daughter from her nap. And that’s when it happened. My husband yelled at me for the first time in our almost four years of marriage.

“NO! Stop thinking I am going to bend at your every command!” I could tell this had been buried inside him for some time, and hearing those words absolutely broke me. It isn’t that I had transformed into a controlling wife over time. I now knew I had always been one. Thankfully, we have since apologized, but his words stuck with me. Because he is right. I am a controlling wife. Here are 5 signs you may be a controlling wife, too.


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