Dear Daughter: The Only Thing I Did Today

I never changed out of the clothes I slept in after rolling out of bed to answer your 5 a.m. cry.

I didn’t comb my hair.

I didn’t brush my teeth.

Don’t even ask me if I showered — of course that didn’t happen today.

And I can’t even tell you where I last saw my stick of deodorant.

I didn’t fix a fancy breakfast. You like oatmeal best anyway.

I ignored the little messes spread throughout the house.

The crumbs stayed in their places all day.

The dishes piled up in the sink.

The laundry from the wash never made it into the dryer.

And the clean laundry sat in the basket for another day.

Lunch was nothing special, either. Macaroni does just fine on days like today.

Your toys were strewn about the house and I didn’t bother to put them away.

To save some time, I’ll just say my to-do list stayed undone.

But I didn’t do nothing today.

I scurried to your room to greet you good morning.

And I picked you up and cuddled you close until you were ready to play.

I held you and hugged you every minute you let me.

I gladly accepted a million wet kisses.

I held my bladder as we snuggled as to not disturb the peace we shared.

And let you play with my hair.

We danced together to nursery rhymes.

I tickled you again and again just to hear your giggle.

We had a tea party.

And went for a drive in your toy car.

I read you the same books over and over.

I got tired of playing with the same blocks you love to knock over.

But we didn’t stop playing until you were done.

I wiped your runny nose.

And changed your dirty diaper.

I brought you snack after snack after snack.

I gave you a bath in the middle of the day because lunch was messier than planned.

I sang to you as we rocked in the chair at nap time.

And rubbed your head to put you to sleep.

I stole some kisses from your cheeks and prayed over you.

I thanked God for blessing me with this life.

And for making me your mama.

Because I love kissing your boo-boos.

And comforting you when you’re sick.

I love crying alongside you when you’re hurt.

Or when it’s been a long day for the both of us.

I love taking you places.

And just being home with you.

I love this crazy #momlife.

Especially on the days where the only thing I do is

love you.


4 thoughts on “Dear Daughter: The Only Thing I Did Today”

  1. Beautiful post! And beautiful days, to share with precious little ones. This post was a tearjerker for me, and a good reminder. I’ve had a busy day today but it is so important to treasure those special moments while they last.

    Liked by 1 person

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